Tech Amplifiers

Who are we?

Tech Amplifiers is as the name suggests i.e. a platform that provides amplifies the skills of student help make them industry-ready not to just to get in the Industry nut to get in and shine like the diamond they are. Along Best Industry Experts, Online Courses and Personal Mentoring and much more, we enable students to learn what they want, to be what they want. Traditional Education is based on the assumption that the world is filled with sunshine and rainbows and whatever theoretical stuff taught make an Individual into a One Trick Pony, but it’s almost enough to survive but not to thrive and rise through all the life’s hardships. We act as a guide in the journey of our students towards becoming the Best Version of them & help explore the hidden talents, potential & skills they can amplify through wide range of Training programs, Workshops, Projects and Podcasts.
Learning with Tech Amplifiers is practical, useful, satisfying and enables students to reach their goals and live their dream life.


To create a community of Individuals with skills and potential that can make the world a better place.


To amplify skills of students all over India

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