Creativity and Artificial intelligence

Creativity is a fundamental feature of human intelligence, and an inescapable challenge
for AI.
Even technologically oriented AI cannot ignore it, for creative programs could be
very useful in the laboratory or the market-place.

Creativity is not a special “faculty”, nor a psychological property confined to a tiny elite.
Rather, it is a feature of human intelligence in general.
It is grounded in everyday capacities
such as the association of ideas, reminding, perception, analogical thinking, searching
a structured problem-space, and reflective self-criticism.
It involves not only a cognitive
dimension but also motivation and emotion, and is closely linked to cultural context and personality factors.

We can see slow but remarkable progress in the field of creativity: there are computers capable of painting, creating songs, and even writing articles. To be honest, they can be a bit simple sometimes, but they get better every year, and harder to distinguish from human work.

How is it possible? How can AI be creative?

        1.Exploring the potential of conceptual spaces

  1. Making transformations

Do you think AI creativity still require human touch ??

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