Getting Started with IoT

Congratulations !! you are one step nearer to become Expert and this blog ‘Getting Started with IoT’ will help you with that.

Nowadays everything is getting smarter from your watch to your car, those smart things help us to save our lot of time.

That saved time you can use for other important work.

This is all because of the drastic changes in the Tech Industry. But the questions remain in mind, how those non-living things are becoming smart?

It is because of sensors, with growth in Wireless Sensors Industry, automation related things are becoming very easy to implement and use in our day to day life.

There is one more reason behind those smart thing. It’s IoT – Internet of Things.

I am sure today everyone should know what is IoT or atleast should have heard about IoT.


The internet of things(IoT) is a system of interrelated

computing devices, mechanical and digital machines,

objects, animals or people that are provided with unique

identifiers (UIDs) and the ability to transfer data over a

network without requiring human-

to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

This is bit complex right ? Let me simplify it for you.

IoT is a term referred to the devices that can share and transmit data via the Internet.

Things that talk with each other using internet, things that are connected through Internet.

IoT is not very new Technology like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, This term first coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999.

But the connected devices were already there before 1999. Back then, they were called “embedded internet” or “pervasive computing”

ATM machine is the first IoT device that exists in the world.

Yes, the first IoT device was the ATM that use to transfer and receive data through the Internet

Even though Kevin coined the term IoT and grab the attention of the world towards him, the Internet of Things did not get much attention for the next 10 years.

In 2010, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao calls IOT, a key industry for China and planned to make major investments in it.

In 2011, Gartner, the market research company that invented the famous “hype-cycle for emerging technologies” included a new emerging phenomenon on their list: “The Internet of Things”.

After that till now IoT is always there in most of the tech magazine, many reports. As result whole world started talking about it !!

Awareness about IoT started spreading faster, every college started organizing trainings and workshops for their students.

Every company started investing started started investing in Research and Development in IoT.


  1. It is fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0)
  2. IoT has it’s applications in every Industry.
  3. Many companies added IoT into the main flow.
  4. It has created new job roles.
  5. IoT will touch everything.

Yes, you read the last point right, IoT will touch everything, the things that you see in your surrounding fan, table, your bottle, chair on which you are sitting everything will have IoT in it.

This is not only me, who is saying this. Cisco has vision of Internet of Everything (IoE). When this vision will complete, there will definitely be a rise in the standard of living of human species.

IoT is  adding value in every Industry. It is also adding value in students profile. You ask anybody who is working on IoT more than a year , “What is IoT ?”

They will tell you different IoT applications that you are using in your day to day life that you were not aware of till date. Yes, you are using IoT applications in your day to day life.

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