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In last 5 to 10 years use of internet has been increased massively. Internet is being used for commercial as well as non-commercial purpose also professional as well as non-professional purpose. Hence the amount of information that is being poured on internet is very large. Every piece of data may it be your personal data, professional data, finance data is easily available on internet. The rise of social media has also added to it. This has led to increase in Cyber attacks. Cyber attacks has increased drastically in last decade. It is causing the largest damage to companies and as well as the individuals on personal level. Cyber attacks is one of the largest reasons of financial losses to companies hence in order to avoid that the companies now have more aware and became more responsible when it comes securing their assets over the internet. This has led to rise Cyber Security industry. Cyber Security market is fastest growing market in the world at current stage. Hence there is large vacancy of skilled professionals in Cyber security and there this course comes in picture.

This course covers all areas that you should have knowledge if you want to enter in Cyber Security field. It will create a solid base for the Cyber security on the basis of which an individual can built his career and can have advanced learning
and training. This course is capable of providing the individual an entry level job in Cyber security industry conditionally the individual should perform well throughout the course.

As a student we always look to learn things that can help us to a get job and it should last in future. If you talk about Cyber security is one of the largest growing industry in world. Don’t trust me go to Google and search you will find the answer. You search anything fastest growing industry , fastest growing technology, fastest growing career option in each list you will find Cyber security so the early you start your journey the more it will be fruitful to student.


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